Professor Ron Geaves delivers lecture on Abdullah Quilliam

Professor Ron Geaves, Professor of Comparative Study of Religions at Liverpool Hope University today delivered a lecture entitled :“The Historical and Contemporary Significance of the writings of Abdullah Quilliam, Shaikh al-Islam of the British Isles (1893-1908)” at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education.

During the lecture, which was attended by students, staff and other guests, Prof Geaves said that Quilliam was aprolific writer and speaker with a wide and varied interests. An example of this was 'The Crescent' which was published by him on a weekly basis for 25 years. Prof Geaves also spoke about how his research on Quilliam had led him to a number of locations both in Britain and abroad.

The lecture concluded with a question and answer session and with a promise of a follow up publication of his current book on Quilliam some time next year.