MA in Islam and Sustainable Development

The MA in Islam and Sustainable Development programme is an intensive, one-year full-time, or two-year part-time, programme. The programme responds to the emerging sustainable development agenda from an Islamic perspective. It employs a multi-disciplinary approach aiming to provide students with the necessary knowledge, tools and skills to pursue successful research or professional careers in areas of sustainable development. Sustainable development has become one of the key policy drivers in many societies. It covers a wide spectrum of inter-related moral, economic, environmental and social issues. Public and private institutions engaged with the sustainable development agenda need to appreciate the challenges and policy implications of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The programme explores the interaction of Islam and sustainable development and aims to provide a high quality masters level study that:

  • Systematically and critically explores the relationships between Islam and sustainable development in the contemporary global and professional contexts.
  • Develops knowledge and understanding to critically evaluate the key concepts, theories, frameworks and strategies used in debates around Islam and sustainable development.
  • Develops a critical understanding of management approaches and policy implications of Islamic beliefs, values and principles in sustainable development projects.
  • Engages students in a range of contemporary sustainable development issues relevant to their particular interests, strengths, academic, professional and/or developmental needs.
  • Facilitates self-direction and originality to act autonomously in designing, planning, implementing and critically analysing and evaluating at master’s level in specialist areas.


Available Awards:

Postgraduate Certificate in Islam and Sustainable Development

Postgraduate Diploma in Islam and Sustainable Development


MA in Islam and Sustainable Development (full-time, part-time and block delivery)





Core Modules

Sustainable Development: Theory and Practice


Shari’ah and Institutions of Governance and Democracy in the Muslim World


Islamic Moral Economy


Research Methodologies


Dissertation (core module)


Optional Modules

Islamic Microfinance and Entrepreneurship


Objectives of the Shari’ah: Social Responsibility Perspective


Role of Civil Society in Sustainable Development


International Management


Strategy, Change and Leadership


Islamic Education: Theory and Practice