MA in Muslim Chaplaincy

Programme Structure and Requirements

 The MA in Muslim Chaplaincy programme is designed to give students the opportunity to develop and advance their knowledge and understanding in Chaplaincy subjects relevant to their own areas of interest. The course is arranged to offer flexibility, enabling students to chose from a range of modules designed to enhace their professional and personal development with an ability to contextualise their theological knowledge and familiarity.

Optional modules allow students to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to chaplaincy. This will enable students to gain a critical awareness of current problems and offer insights into professional practice and academic discipline. Optional modules will be subject to sufficient demand and availability of appropriate resources.

Taught sessions held at the MIHE campus will be delivered on weekdays. Assessment is based on 100% coursework.

The MA programme is a full academic year, taught over a 12 month period comprising three semesters. Part-time study is also available.


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Module Code Module Name CAT Points

Level 7

MF7 501 C Muslim Chaplaincy - Theological Reflection 15
MF7 502 C Muslim Chaplaincy - Practical Reflection 30
MF7 400 C Dissertation 60
MF7 211 C Research Methodology 15
MF7 106 O Islam and Pluralism 30
MF7 102 O Sirah - Life of the Prophet Muhammad 15
MF7 107 O Muslims in Britain 15
MF7 108 O Islamic Theology and Philosophy 15
MF7 109 O Tasawwuf (Sufism) 15


Many modules will continue to be rooted in enhancing academic and professional ability. Students, including international students, will also be able to undertake empirical and professional modules and research. Modules will be offered depending on student preference, viability of group size and staff availability. This will be made clear to applicants for the programme, and details of optional modules available sent to applicants before the start of each academic year. All students must take MF7 211 if they have not already successfully completed a comparable and appropriate master’s level research methods module.



Postgraduate Certificate in Muslim Chaplaincy

To gain this award, students should complete MF7 501, MF7 502 and MF7 211 and one optional module 60
Postgraduate Diploma in Muslim Chaplaincy To gain this award, students should complete MF7 501, MF7 502, and MF7 211, plus 60 credits from optional modules 120



MA in Muslim Chaplaincy

To gain this award, students must complete MF7 501, MF7 502, MF7 211 and MF7 400, plus 60 credits from optional modules 180