Islamic Finance Leadership Programme

Islamic Finance Leadership A joint programme on between MIHE and the Edbiz Corporation was held at Markfield Conference Centre between 20 and 24 September 2013.  The event covered the need for leadership in Islamic Finance and banking from a range of perspectives. The delegates came from different countries and were predominantly senior executives from leading institutions engaged in Islamic banking and finance.   

The speakers at the programme included the following:

  • Professor Khurshid Ahmed, Chairman Islamic Foundation
  • Dr Humayon Dar, CEO Edbiz Corporation
  • Dr Zahid Parvez, Director MIHE
  • Sheikh Faizal Manjoo, MIHE
  • HE Dr Shahid Malik, former Minister for International Development
  • Nabeel Al-Azami, Islamic Relief
  • Dr Mohammed Kroessin , Global Microfinance Advisor
  • Professor Mahmood Faruqi , BLME
  • Sultan Choudhury, Islamic Bank of Britain
  • Dr Amat Taap Manshoor, Finance Accreditation Agency
  • Khalid Alyahmadi, Amjaad Group
  • Waheed Qaiser, Maxim Corporate Finance
  • Dr Tariq Cheema, World Congress of Muslim Philanthropists