Procedure for Processing inquiries, applications, admissions and enrolment

Before applying to join Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE), prospective students must first ascertain whether they meet the academic and professional entry requirements for their chosen course. These are available on MIHE’s website. If the candidate has specific questions about a programme of study or subject area, MIHE can be contacted directly by telephone, in writing, or by email at

Our Admissions Policy

Our APL/APEL Policy and Guidelines

Stage 1 - Application
To apply, a candidate must complete the MIHE application form either online or by downloading it from the website.  Completed application forms along with the following documents should be sent to MIHE either by post or e-mail:

1.    All relevant academic and identification documents,
2.    Proof of English language proficiency as specified by the UKVI (if applicable)

Application Assessment
The Administrative team responsible for the candidate’s chosen programme will assess the academic and/or professional quality and suitability of the application. The candidate should take care over his/her application and select supporting materials that best illustrate candidate’s academic and/or professional achievement and future potential. The applications are collated and sent to the selection committee.

Stage 2 – Outcome of the Application
All applications are academically and professionally assessed by a selection committee  on the basis of the admissions criteria for the specific programme, quality of previous academic, professional excellence and future potential. A comparison is made with applications received from other candidates for that programme. MIHE seeks to admit the best candidates who apply for the programmes.
The committee may invite candidates for an interview. After the scrutiny of the application and documents, MIHE will send the candidate a letter letting him/her know the outcome of candidate’s application. If the candidate is successful, a conditional or unconditional offer is made.  The offer letter will include information about the fee, exact title of the course in which the candidate has been offered a place and specific conditions (if applicable). Unsuccessful candidates will be informed through letter/email.

Stage 3 - Payment of course fees
Before a place at MIHE is confirmed student must pay the course fees and any other fees due to MIHE, payments can be made by cash, debit/credit card, cheque or bank transfer.

Stage 4 – Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies
Upon receipt of the fees, MIHE will issue UK/EU students an acceptance or confirmation letter confirming induction, start dates and other for registering.  For non-EU candidates, MIHE will issue the candidate a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). This is a virtual document for use as part of the UKVI’s ‘Sponsorship Management System’. The system generates a unique CAS number for each prospective student.  The CAS will enable international students to apply for entry clearance/visa at the British High Commission of their country or to the UKVI if they are already in the UK.

Stage 5 - Arrival at Markfield Institute of Higher Education and enrolment
Every student needs to bring along the following documents and information at induction or at least 2 working days before the course starts:
• Two passport sized photographs
• Candidate’s original passport
• Current UK address
On the day of induction applicants will be enrolled on to MIHE’S system. MIHE will issue library and ID cards.

Feedback on Admissions Decisions
All enquiries about admissions decisions are dealt with on an individual basis between applicants and MIHE. An applicant may request feedback/initiate a complaint.

If the candidate wishes to receive further information on any aspect of an application, including the reasons for an unsuccessful application, the candidate should make a request, preferably in writing to MIHE. Feedback will generally be provided by letter or e-mail within twenty working days of receipt of the request.

Making a complaint
If after receiving a response to the initial enquiry s/he wish to make a complaint about any aspect of his/her experience of the Institute’s admissions procedure, s/he should put her/his concerns in writing as soon as possible to MIHE. Please note that an admissions decision will not normally be reviewed unless it appears that a substantial procedural error has occurred.

MIHE is committed to good practice in admissions and to ensuring that they adhere to the Code of Practice for prospective student admissions. The senior administrator will investigate the complaint with the appropriate colleagues in MIHE. The complainant will receive a preliminary reply normally within five working days of the receipt of the complaint, and where relevant, this will indicate when s/he may expect to be contacted again with more information.

If the senior administrator concludes that no substantial procedural error was made, the complainant will be told. Where it appears, after investigation of the complaint that a procedural error has occurred, consideration will be given to what steps should be taken to review the matter, and what steps should be taken to avoid similar errors occurring in future.

Complaints made more than four weeks after the occurrence will not normally be considered. After the final response from the Institute has been received, the candidate may ask the Director of MIHE to review the complaint.